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What the heck is this

seattle local bands history as told by themselves. curation by community. fuck AI.

whats the goal of this

this was started by lizzie who knows almost nothing about music besides it sounds neat. her friend meg gave her some local bands in a spotify playlist and lizzie realized there was no way to find information on most of them because their media presence was small and there was limited articles about them. she wished there was a website that collected bios of local bands, their members, how they describe themselves & their sound, and their history.

there exists many bands who deserve a space to tell their stories, describe themselves, and not need to worry about it being polished or even good -- just unfiltered and what it is. in 10 years the entire local music landscape will have changed and the only thingss that will remain might be scattered to the wind as we've seen with old websites and social media sites from the early 2000s and the stories of bands that were mainstream enough to capture sufficient traditional media attention. i hope a site like this can serve as a historical document that we were here.

this project is for everyone else -- collaboratively and grassroots-ly documented by the community itself. backed up into an archive for future generations.

why the name

im not accepting critique at this time. please hang up and try again


thanks. here are the bands:

whats the theme-ing

this is TBD, i really want it to look like late 90s - early 2000s websites that used basic html elements, color palletes, and sometimes low res but hilarious edits.

is this really opensource

yes, i am but one person but through union we are many. join a union. save a maintainer (me, save me ).

i want a page for my band

yooo make a page using basic html tutorial to get started like this one. You can request to add it to the github. Eventually I might have more of a template or something cause user accessibility matters. Avoid overly flashing GIFs that might trigger seizures too.

it should have at least the following information, displayed in any way you like:

how do i contact you

ig @lizzmoratti or through github